Premium Natural BambooWorx Pizza Peel -Pizza Paddle & Bread Baking, Cheese, Cutting, or Serving Board



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Not Just For Pizza!

I love the design and quality in this Peel paddle!
It’s light smooth surface and the tapered edge makes this look very nice and trendy sitting anywhere on my table’s. It is sturdy and the handle fells comfortable in my hands and is easily maneuverable.

I have a standard gas oven and this fits perfectly. I Have not had any issue with this it works better than I thought it was going to. I keep it coated with 100% vegetable oil after washing and drying and hanging it on my wall. It sucks up the oil pretty quickly.

I myself have used this: as a cheese tray & a vegetable tray

cheese.fruitsand Image.png

A cutting board & I rolled out my pie dough and a few pastries as well.pie44 Image

With this I no longer have to reach into my oven to get my pizza’s and/or pans out. It is easy to use and It doesn’t happen very often to me, but it can help keep any person from getting burned.

I prep my pizza[s] on this adding the sauce, cheese, and for me, I love everything except the little fishy’s and no pineapple. I then move it straight into the oven onto the rack. When they are done I use this to remove the pizza directly to my waiting pizza stone’s or lazy-Susan’s.


This is a frozen Cheese Pizza with a pan but there
is a home-made pizza on the top shelf . Unfortunately that picture was too fuzzy! 

Great pizza

This is a homemade pizza…Mmmm

I have used this to place my homemade pies in my oven and removing them and found this is absolutely perfect for rolling out my sticky pie and pastry dough on. This is perfect for homemade pizza’s [with or without the pan], Frozen pizzas like Tombstone, DiGiorno, Also any frozen dinner/entrees, etc. that will fit on the paddle. This really keeps the hot air and heat out of my face. So if I can use this, I use it.

I am pretty busy during the holiday season from 2 weeks before Thanksgiving till after New Year’s. This is going to come in very handy with our quick, and frozen meals and It will look great serving up those quick pizza dinners too. Not to mention all the holiday cooking I will be doing.
Have a great Thanksgiving I am very Thankful to have you as a reader of my blog!!

Cleaning is easy, just hand wash with warm water and mild soap. I also keep it coated with 100% vegetable oil after washing and drying and hanging it on my wall. I sucks up the oil pretty quickly.
I store it on my wall and it looks fantastic hanging there like decorative piece. I have just ordered some extra pieces to go beside it on my wall. But that will have to wait until after the holiday season. When I get it finished I will be sure to share my design.

“I feel good when I use this! My Grandmother who came over from Italy used one [though much bigger] to cook her meals. My Grandfather built her an oven outside of their home they purchased here in the USA when they married! The very house I grew up in. I never got to meet her or my Grandfather, but have heard many stories of them, her food, family get together’s and picnic’s. The stories never get old”


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