Blade Runner Gun Pistol by CifToys

Blade Runner Gun Pistol by CifToys

My three Grandson’s loved this gun’s moving bullet chamber and all the light action, which as they say:
“This gun is really awesome Grandma! This is much cooler than our other ones that don’t do anything!”    …   They played with it for hours.

Very well made! Has great realistic type bullet chamber actions! Has plenty of light actions and gunfire sounds to keep any child’s attention. I must proudly add, is the new “top” gun in their toy gun collection.

Sold by Great Store at Called ” Elalci Trading “.  They sells really great QUALITY toys.
Check out this Blade Runner Gun Pistol With Gunfire Sounds, Rotating Bullet Chamber & Lights. Has a Durable Design and a Nonslip Grip:


The Lunar Industrial Facility and Orbital Shipyards; How to Get There



A Lunar Industrial Facility (LIF).  Yes, a Lunar Industrial Facility.  Science fiction you might say.  Impossible you retort.  Too expensive even if it could be done might be your rejoinder.  We don’t have the technology, could be another rhetorical dismissal. These are all responses those who do not live and breath this every day may have, but these are reactionary responses that do not reflect where we are in the closing years of the second decade of the twenty first century.  In this missive, which is a companion to a space policy paper released Monday August 1, 2017, is written to show that indeed a lunar industrial facility is possible, we do have the technology, and no it will not be too expensive.  Furthermore, it enables something that though it would seem to be science fiction, isn’t, which is a shipyard in lunar orbit for the construction of humanities…

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Meet My Bot


What is it you ask? It’s currently the hippest thing around. It’s new, it’s mysterious, it’s different. A chat bot is like your interactive digital twin. It brings everything about you in one place, represents you to the world 24/7 — on all channels — and learns by simply talking to you!

Your single identity for anything and everything — build an interactive profile, discover & manage social posts, answer frequently asked questions, schedule meetings, sell products & services, write stories & articles, do live chatting and much more!
Your chat bot works for you by collecting your information you have already posted in your social profile’s activity and by you feeding in your info in the form of questions and answers and the platform takes care of the rest. I got a chance to try out this new site for my review of their site and services in return I will receive a white listed account for life. You know I said YES!’s standalone chat bot platform offers people who want the ease of a bot without any of the work! You can and should feed in your info in the form of questions and answers. If you don’t like the question or answer you can delete or edit them. Besides adding or changing text you can also drop or download your own pictures or documents, and enter URL link’s which will show a image preview. You control your interactive bot! Use it to showcase your skills with photos, videos, text and sound. It’s a way to show off the best parts of who you are. And it is super easy to use.

There is more than just creating your own bot. There are other bots on that you can search for. friends, family, coworkers and did I forget to mention “Celebrities”? and “WWF Wrestler’s”? Fans are always looking for ways to talk to the celebrities they look up to among other things. Chat bots bring famous celebrities and their fans closer than ever before. On itself, they’ve seen thousands of fans across the globe returning to their platform just to talk to their favorite celebrities. Check out the most popular celebri-bots or WWF-bots. You want to ask your favorite Celebrity or your favorite WWF Wrestler a question? What about “Any question”? Well at you can!

There are many, many more famous bots and non-famous bots on Get on and check it out

My end result, I have found my bot returns smart answers when asked questions about me and things I have already publish on my social websites or information that I have entered. I feel could add a few more social site’s like snapchat & tumbler, but I’m not complaining. I am still adding, removing, changing and editing my questions and answers, skills, jobs, pictures, stories, sounds, etc. to my bot. I love it! Its Fun and easy, and I can’t wait to see where my bot goes.

The world is changing! The future: Chat bots for anyone, anywhere! So what are you waiting for? Create a bot now at
You’ll be glad you did!

How To Take Action To Support #StandingRock #NoDAPL

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

How to take action to support the #StandingRock#NoDAPL water protectors, who law enforcement in the service of a private energy corporation are attacking RIGHT NOW.

Frequent updates: Unicorn Riot @UR_Ninja


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Donald Trump decries the NFL, and America, getting soft

As Donald Trump watched Saturday night’s Steelers-Bengals game, with hard hits that caused concussions and drew penalty flags, he thought he saw a metaphor for the direction that our country is heading in. “Football has become soft like our country has become soft,” Trump said at a campaign rally today, to cheers from the audience.…

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Cucumber Falls in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

My home town



Cucumber Falls was most likely as equal an attraction to the first known group to inhabit the area as it is for tourists and residents today.

The first known group known to occupy the Ohiopyle region in Pennsylvania the Monongahela, a Native American clan of the Mound Builders. They and other Native American tribes ultimately disappeared from the region following the French and Indian war that ended in 1763.

The name Ohiopyle is derived from the Lenape Indian phrase ahi opihale, meaning it turns very white, a reference to the frothy waters of the nearby Ohiopyle Falls.**

Photo by Monte Photo by Monte

Cucumber Run is named for the abundance of one species of magnolia tree, the cucumber magnolia (Magnolia acuminate), that still is found in the watershed.** Another explanation for its name came from a friend:

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